Rebekka Jensen originally trained as a holistic wellness practitioner offering Touch for Health acupressure with other holistic energy work modalities for over ten years.  She is also a Young Living Distributor ( # 1820661) . Over time she increasingly incorporated intentionality principles into her wellness sessions. 

After Rebekka took part in the personal development seminars of Klemmer and Associates from 2016 to 2018 she went on to complete her foundational coaching certification with Klemmer and Associates Coaching Academy in June of 2018. Rebekka continues to benefit from the community and support of fellow coaches as well as those who serve in holistic wellness disciplines.


Rebekka Jensen is a primarily self-taught artist who draws, paints and creates mixed media pieces. As a child she grew up between North America and Europe. Rebekka developed an interest in creating after her family moved to the fairy tale beauty of the Black Forest in Germany when she was nine. Making music also became her passion while attending an international school where she graduated from high school.

As a young adult Rebekka moved to Canada, raised a family and in 2006 began studies in alternative medicine.  She brought creativity to her combination of science and intuition to insightfully support her clients.  She has shared her art skills with various non-profit organizations and has been growing in her art as a part-time business. 


For me, visual art is like music that has is captured and conveyed in a slower form. 

I create as an artist who grew up between cultures, even within my immediate, multi-cultural family. I create from the inner dance and sometimes tension between roots and up-rootings, rest and restlessness that have forged me from the beginning. In life I have constantly had opportunities to bridge between worlds. This has defined my calling as a creative. I am here to bridge and bring invisible things into the visible world.

My creativity is continually shaped by significant people and places in my life. Formed by what and whom I love, and by who loves me. My art is molded by my heritage and choices, heartbreak, heart-searing beauty, mystery, joy and other people’s transcendent creativity, especially in music. All of these things streams flow into the river of what I make.

It's my privilege to share my creations with you. May you be inspired to lean fully, joyfully and inventively into your own life purpose.

Rebekka Jensen

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