Rebekka Jensen is a primarily self-taught artist who draws, paints and creates mixed media pieces. As a child she grew up between North America and Europe. She developed an interest in art after her family moved to the fairy tale beauty of the Black Forest in Germany when she was nine. Making music also became Rebekka's passion while attending an international school where she graduated from high school.  As a young adult Rebekka moved to Canada and raised a family.  For many years she shared her creative skills by serving various non-profit organizations. More recently she has been focusing her art to reach a wider audience. 


        For me, visual art is music that is captured and conveyed at a slower frequency. 

                                                               Rebekka Jensen


From the beginning of my life I have had opportunities to bridge between worlds.  Anything I create springs from growing up among several cultures, starting with my immediate, multi-cultural family.   I live with the inner dance and often tension between roots and up-rootings, rest and restlessness.


My art flows from love and being loved, and sometimes from heartbreak.  It rises from soul-searing beauty in nature and from the creativity of others, especially in music.  All these streams pay tribute to the river of what I make.


It's my honor to share some of my creations with you. May you be inspired to lean fully, joyfully and inventively into your own creative life purpose.

                                       To dance the invisible into the visible world. 

                                                             Rebekka Jensen


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