Client Testimonials:

"I am so thankful for how Rebekka has helped me move forward.  She provides mindful and efficient coaching and understands how my thoughts and feelings are connected to my choices."    SW/BC

"Rebekka demonstrates perceptive listening skills. She packages her insights in a way that inspires, unblocks and allows for self-generated solutions."   SA/ AB   

"Rebekka brings a genuine and curious spirit to all she does. Her wisdom and breadth of (wellness) modalities make her a fantastic motivator and coach." AB/B

"Rebekka has in innate ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease.  With kindness and empathy, she provides an environment for digging deep, asking you questions you didn't know needed to be asked."  EG/AZ

                                          Rebekka's Coaching Strengths: 


                    C l a r i f i e s            C o n n e c ts             M o t i v a t es      

                                             - Sees the big picture

                                             - Gets the bottom line

                                             - Streamlines through metaphor

                                             - Integrates logic with intuition 

                                             - Inspires forward moving self talk

                                            -  Targets purposeful action


Rebekka loves supporting strong leaders with intentional minds and open hearts, who are already experiencing success in their field.  She effectively facilitates self-discovery, self-responsible choices and forward motion for each client on their unique path.  Rebekka offers intuitive insights, holistic minded questions and practical tools, combined with personalized exercises to help integrate intention with reality.  Her joy is helping clients fine tune their lives into greater flourishing as their most authentic selves with boldness and integrity.

                                                    Coaching Bio:

Rebekka Jensen originally trained as a holistic wellness practitioner, For over ten years, she supported her wellness clients with various energy medicine modalities, combining science with intuition and the arts.  She incorporated Chinese elements and the interconnected energy systems of meridians, chakras and auric layers into her sessions.  She also used color and sound therapy, as well as intuitive drawing to integrate the wellness work. 


In recent years, Rebekka began focusing more heavily on the power of verbal processing.  She found it highly effective to support her clients with insightful questions and feedback for greater intentionality and positive life changes.

After Rebekka took part in the personal development seminars of Klemmer and Associates (K&A) from 2016 to 2018, she went on to complete her foundational coaching certification with K&A Coaching Academy in June of 2018. Rebekka continues to benefit from regular involvement in that community of fellow coaches, as well as connections with those who serve in holistic wellness disciplines.

It is Rebekka's great privilege to come along clients and be a strategtic companion for their next season of growth.  Clients get to powerfully discover their own answers, make strategic choices and see themselves becoming more of their true selves.

                                               Your Coaching Path:


Coaching involves one hour phone sessions.  Clients benefit from simple self-reflection exercises shared with their coach after each session to maximize the benefit of the work.  

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Rebekka's 16 page, interactive self-care booklet based on holistic wellness principles. Richly focused art and statements are designed to build self-understanding and intentionality.  Great conversation starters.


                                                Cost per book $10. 


Shipping:  $6 to Canada     $8 to USA     $9 to everywhere else. 

Shipping cost may vary with 10 or more books.   

Bulk purchases may be available at a discount.  Please inquire.


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