Rebekka loves working with strong leaders, intentional minds and open hearts committed to self-responsible choices, proactive growth and uniquely meaningful contribution. 

                            Rebekka's coaching specialties and strengths are:  

                                       - Seeing the client's big picture

                                       - Clarifying purpose, gifts and the bottom line

                                       - Streamlining goals

                                       - Offering empowering metaphors

                                       - Combining logic with intuition 

                                       - Supporting forward moving self talk


Coaching with Rebekka occurs primarily as one hour phone sessions. These follow the co-coaching model of coming along side clients as a strategic companion for a season to help them discover their own answers.  It is Rebekka's privilege to serve and inspire clients through direct insights, artfully crafted questions and personalized exercises to support lives that flourish in a one of a kind way that shines with boldness and integrity.

                                                  Client Testimonials:

"I am so thankful for how Rebekka has moved me forward.  She provides mindful and efficient coaching and understands how my thoughts and feelings are connected to my choices.  She finds a way to support me in creating shifts in my results through thoughtful and intentional exploration."    SW/BC

"Rebekka demonstrates perceptive listening skills and packages her insights in a manner that inspires, unblocks and allows for self-generation of solutions."   SA/ AB   


"Rebekka brings a genuine and curious spirit to all she does. Her wisdom and breadth of (wellness) modalities make her a fantastic motivator and coach." AB/B

      To start your coaching path today with Rebekka, please go to the Contact section and request a coaching intake form.



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A 16 page self-care booklet with interactive statements designed to increase focus and playfully build self-understanding and intentionality.  


Cost per book $10.   

Shipping:  $5 to Canada     $7 to USA     $9 to everywhere else. 

Shipping cost may vary with 10 or more books.   

Bulk purchases may be available at a discount.  Please inquire.

To purchase go to Contact Section. 

1.  Request a quote by giving your postal code or zip code and the number of books you'd like to buy.

2.  Give your complete name and shipping address.  Payment will be received by e-transfer in Canada and paypal from USA or internationally.


3.  Your order is shipped within 5 business days.                                                 






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