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Single Session



I help heart-centered Therapists and Coaches confidently establish Loving Boundaries at Work for a Thriving and Balanced

Personal Life.


  • Confidently care from your worth.

  • Clearly discern your giving priorities.

  • Effectively convey loving boundaries


  • Practical, Direct, & Motivating  

  • Compassionate, Intuitive, & Insightful


Rebekka's multi-cultural upbringing in both North America and Europe taught her to quickly see meaningful patterns and the big picture of people and places.


As a child, she was both highly sensitive and strong-willed. The effects of being raised by an over-controlling father and a co-dependent mother were chronic stress, fearful people-pleasing, and a lack of emotional boundaries.  

After Rebekka pursued extensive physical and psychological healing, she trained and worked as a holistic wellness practitioner for ten years while raising a family, She then transitioned to holistic coaching and writing, supporting clients with her intuitive insights, personalized metaphors, and practical knowledge of personalities and relationships.


Recommended coaching  pre-requisite:

"You can say "No" without being Selfish"

Workbook Course - see Resources, Etsy.

4 Sessions  $800

  • Weekly one hour phone call

  • Practical Assignments

  • Post session email reflections

  • Email feedback on client reflections

8 Sessions  $1520

  • Weekly one hour phone call

  • Practical Assignments

  • Post session email reflections

  • Email feedback on client reflections

                         Single Sessions  

      (May be available after a Coaching package )

  • One hour phone call

  • Practical Assignment

  • Post coach email reflection

  • Email feedback on client reflection

(Payment is received in full before the first session. Coaching begins within two weeks of payment.)

Request a free 15 minute Exploration Phone Call to meet Rebekka and chat about your next coaching steps.  Click the link below.



I am so thankful for how Rebekka has helped me move forward.  She coaches mindfully and efficiently.  She also understands how my beliefs and feelings are connected to my choices.    SW/BC (Reflexologist, Spiritual Director) 

Rebekka is a perceptive listener.  She packages her insights in a way that inspires, unblocks and lets me create my own solutions.  SA/ AB  (Occupational Therapist)

Rebekka brings a genuine and curious spirit to all she does. Her wisdom and holistic background make her a fantastic motivator and coach.   AB/BC  (Registered Clinical Counselor)

Rebekka knows how to make you feel at ease.  With kindness and empathy, she provides an environment for digging deep, asking questions you didn't know needed to be asked.   EG/AZ  (PCB Designer)

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